Attachment Disorder

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7 Ways to Give Your Child a History
By Gregory C. Keck, Ph.D., and Regina M. Kupecky, LSW

Delayed Launching: Adopted Adolescents and the Not so Empty Nest
By Dr. Greg Keck

Affirming the Reality of the Hurt Adoptee
By Gregory C. Keck

Before You Go: The “Top Ten” Tips for Internationally Adopting Families
By Regina Kupecky

“It’s the Same, Only Different”
By Jacqueline Smigel and Regina Kupecky

The Pinocchio Principle
By Regina Kupecky

Womb Mates: When Sibling Rights and Parent-Child Attachment Clash
By Regina Kupecky

Following all by Arleta M. James, LPCC

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Two - Neglect

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Three - Sexual Abuse

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Four -
Physical Abuse/Domestic Violence

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Five -
The Impact of Trauma on Brain Development

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Six -
Abandonment and Multiple Moves

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Seven - Attachment

Why Love Isn't Enough: Part Eight - Genetics

The Entire Series

Facilitating Attachment

50 Wonderful Songs About Love, Family and Adoption

Ensuring the Attachment of Newly Arrived Infants

Insecure Attachment Styles: “Blueprints” that
Need to Change so, Children can Heal and Grow!

Nurture: The Ring that Holds the Keys

Nurture and the Sexually Abused or Aggressive Adoptee

Psychological “Fit”: A Place Where Parents, Brothers,
Sisters and the Adoptee Must Come Together

The Eyes Have It: Learning to Look at Others Enhances Self-Esteem

Theraplay: Enhancing Attachment, Building Trust, Having Fun

What is Attachment? A Secure Attachment:
The “Blueprint” for All Subsequent Relationships

We are Family: The Importance of Claiming to
Enhance Attachment in Adoptive Families

“You are the Mom”: Helping Your Child Join Your Family

Adjusting Expectations Pre- and Post-Adoption

I Don't Want to Deal with Birth Parent:
A Preadoptive Expectation

Maybe When I'm 25, I'll be Grateful

My Spouse or Partner Wants to Adopt:
The Dragee vs. Dragger Syndrome

The Development of Realistic Expectations
Pre-Adoption: Myth or Actuality?

Adolescent Adoptees

Teen Sexuality Within a History of Sexual Abuse

Your Teen’s Brain: Fabulous Resources
to Understand What’s Going On in the Adolescent Head!

Adoption - Competent Mental Health Services

What is All this Alphabet Soup:
Understanding Children’s Mental Health Diagnoses

Adoption Resources

A Safe Place for Caleb:
A Wonderful Resource for Healing Traumatized Adoptees

Caring for Your Adoptee:
A Baker’s Dozen of Articles

Caring for the Typical Kids: A Baker's Dozen + Resources

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: An Explosion of Information!

Summer Reading for the Adoptee: Two A+ Resources

Adoption and School Issues

Homework or Monopoly?: Time, Energy and Priorities

Public School, Homeschool…
How Should My Adopted Child Be Educated?

A Bit About the Brain

The Brain on Trauma

Consequences vs. Reactions: Parent “Deerly”

Implicit Memories: The Roots of
Today’s Behavioral Challenges


Posttraumatic Stress Disorder:
Thinking about the Adoptee’s Trauma

Neurofeedback: Balancing Brains
Children — Impacted by Early Traumatic Experiences

Disruption and Dissolution of Adoptions

A Summary of a Study of
Eastern European Adoption Dissolutions

Rosie is Blooming:
Adoptees Thriving after Adoption Dissolution

Enhancing Fun and Play in Adoptive Families

5Tips to Help Adoptive Families Have Fun This Summer

Does Your Child Really Play?
Finding Your Traumatized Adoptees Playful Side!

Having Fun in Adoptive Families: Not an Oxymoron!

Fathers and Adoption –
a Resource Site for Fathers in Adoption and Foster Care

Adoptive Dads, Timing and the Adoptee Affected by Trauma

As Father's Day Approaches:
Strengthening the Role of Adoptive Dads

Grief and Loss Issues

Let's Make a Deal: Bargaining as an Expression of Grief

Traumaversaries: Lessoning the Impact
of Adopted Children’s Annual Triggers

Issues for Adoption Professionals

Single Parent Adopters: Wonderful Families for Kids

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Affection is Wonderful: Will the Behaviors Ever Stop

Another Crazy Whopper: Understanding
and Dealing with Lying

Anything We Can't Find, He Stole:The Why
and What to Do About Stealing in Adoptive Families

Ask Not “Why?”, But “What?

As Mother’s Day Approaches:
The Role of Triggers in Adoptive Families

Becoming a Verbal Ensemble:
Coping with Mumbling, Questions, Chatter and More...

Getting Full On Parents Instead Of Food

Managing Your Adoptees Meltdowns in Public
and at Home: Just in Time for the Holidays

Oh the Behaviors: Developing Value
Competency in Adoptive Families

One to Five: A Continuum of Healing the Adoptee

Parenting and Healing the Aggressive Adopted Child

Parenting and Healing the Sexually Acting Out Adoptee

Progress and Dieting: The Two Have Much in Common

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: What to Pick?

Shhh! Quite Parenting Zone Ahead-A Less Talk,
More Action Approach to Reducing Unwelcome Behaviors

Stinky Business: Pee and Poop
Issues in Adoptive Families

Take a Time Out From Time Out:
Connecting with Your Adopted Son or Daughter

The Art of Praising Your Adopted Son or Daughter

Think,, Think,, Think!:
Teaching Kids to Think for Themselves

Throw Away the Stickers!:
A Perspective on Reward Systems

Moving Children with Sensitivity

Moving: Through the Eyes of the Child

Their Past”: Photos, Video, Audiotape and More…

Parental Self-Care/Parent Issues

Adopting a Child with a History of Trauma:
Impact on Parents’ Self-Image

Am I the 'Right' Mom for this Child?

Ending the Cycle of Blaming Adoptive Parents:
The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study

I Am a Terrible Parent!: Not! Absolutely,
Not! Parenting the Traumatized Adoptee

Progress: Look Back Rather Than Ahead

Sleep on It: Time, Energy and Priorities

The Parallel Healing Process:
Preventing “Button Pushing”, Promoting Peace

This Holiday Season, I Wish My Friends and
Family Would .....Notes From Adoptive Parents

Why Won’t You Believe Me?: Splitting in the Adoptive Home

You are a Good Parent!:
Areas of Mastery Must be Recognized and Enhanced

Pre Adoption Issues

Adolescents Need Adoptive Families Too!

Adopting Sibling Groups: Is the Youngest of the Group the Least Traumatized???

Deliberate Toddler Adoption

Finding a Pediatrician for Your Adopted Child

Promoting Sexual Safety in Adoptive Families

While Families Wait: Ongoing
Adoption Education for Prospective Adoptive Families

Talking to Kids About Adoption

I Think! I Act! Transforming the Thoughts
of the Traumatized Adoptee is Essential

Talking with Children about Their Orphanage Background:
A Guide to Using “Borya and the Burps”

Transcultural and Transracial Adoption Issues

From Adult Adoptees to Transcultural Adoptive Families
– Listening to the Messages and Taking Action!

Pact, An Adoption Alliance: An A+ Source of Information
about Transcultural and Transracial Adoption

Transcultural Adoptees: The Development of Cultural Awareness

Transcultural and Transracial Adoptees:
The Development of Racial and Cultural Identity

White Siblings in Transracial Families
Inside Transracial Adoption

Trauma and The Impact of Trauma on Child Development

“Act Your Age”: The Vineland Adaptive Behavioral Scales

“He or She is So Smart!”:
The Many Facets of Intellectual Development

“How Full is Your Bucket?”:
Reciprocity and the Traumatized Adoptee

I’d Like to Trust You, But Can I?:
Extending Trust to your Adopted Son or Daughter

“I’m Not Lazy!”: The Development
of Initiative in Traumatized Adoptees

Neglect: There is No Such Thing as “a Little”

“Sorry:” Building Your Adoptee’s Moral Development

Speech and Language Development in Adoptees

What's for Dinner?: Time, Energy and Priorities

Typically Developing Children: Helping Brothers and Sisters Cope

A Sibling Thanksgiving: One Mom’s Tradition

An In-Depth Conversation with
Younger Typical Kids: “I Don’t Have to Fix Her” and More…

Brothers and Sisters Need Responses!:
School and Adoption—Answering Adoption - Related Questions

Making Dates with the Kids in the Family at the
Time of the Adoption: One Habit You’ll Want to Keep!

This is Not the Brother or Sister I Expected!:
The Need to Prepare the Typical Children

Typical Children: Afloat on a Sea of Grief

Where are the Support
Groups for Typically-Developing Children?

“Yes” There are Positives for the Typical Kids!