Attachment Disorder

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A child’s early experiences with adults becomes the “blueprint” for all subsequent relationships. Unfortunately, not all youngsters receive the love and attention they need. Their pre-natal, infancy and/or toddler experiences include orphanage residence, abandonment, abuse, neglect, multiple moves, in-utero substance exposure, etc. Their “blueprint” is that of “I must take care of myself. Adults cannot be trusted to meet my needs! I am unlovable. Everyone leaves me or hurts me."

Frequently, children — fearful of forming loving attachments — find their way into adoptive families. Pre-adoptive expectations are shattered by the day-to-day struggle to form connections to the adoptee that arrived with a history of trauma! Professional intervention is often needed to help Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters and the adoptee form the close ties that all families desire.

At Adoption & Attachment Therapy Partners, we provide the adoption—attachment—trauma informed therapies needed to enhance the attachment among all members of families built via adoption. Call us today at 330.813.2525 to learn more about our services. Whether you live near our office or you are geographically distant – we have services for you!

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