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A child’s early experiences with adults becomes the “blueprint” for all subsequent relationships. Unfortunately, not all youngsters receive the love and attention they need. Their pre-natal, infancy and/or toddler experiences include orphanage residence, abandonment, abuse, neglect, multiple moves, in-utero substance exposure, etc. Their “blueprint” is that of “I must take care of myself. Adults cannot be trusted to meet my needs! I am unlovable. Everyone leaves me or hurts me."

Frequently, children — fearful of forming loving attachments — find their way into adoptive families. Pre-adoptive expectations are shattered by the day-to-day struggle to form connections to the adoptee that arrived with a history of trauma. Professional intervention is often needed to help Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters and the adoptee form the close ties that all families desire.

At Adoption and Attachment Therapy Partners, LLC, we provide the adoption-attachment-trauma-informed therapies needed to facilitate strong connections between parents and children. Our therapies enhance the attachment among all members of families built via adoption.

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The Science of Parenting Adopted Children Book
"The Science of Parenting Adopted Children: A Brain-Based, Trauma-Informed Approach to Cultivating Your Child’s Social, Emotional and Moral Development"

Many adoptees join their new families after having endured multiple traumatic experiences, which interrupts their development. Bringing together the latest research in brain science with the field of attachment, this book considers how the two can be linked to help children in healing both the brain and the heart.

Laying out the many factors that can affect a child's mental health, it shows how parents can help to improve the development of a delayed child. Accessibly explaining cutting-edge neuroscience for parents, it gives the information needed to help with a traumatised child's social, emotional and moral development.
Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption
"Welcoming a New Brother or Sister Through Adoption"

Adoption is a big step which can change the whole dynamics of the family. It is crucial that parents understand the impact it has when new sibling relationships are forged and an adoptee becomes a part of the family.

"Welcoming a New Brother or Sister through Adoption" is a comprehensive yet accessible guide that describes the adoption process and the impact of adoption on every member of the family, including the adopted child. It prepares families to have realistic expectations and equips them with knowledge to deal with a host of situations that may arise, addressing difficult questions head-on: 'Did we make the right choice by adopting', 'How is this affecting our 'typical' children', 'Will our adopted son or daughter heal' are explored and solutions discussed in detail. All this is accompanied with real life stories and direct quotes from children, which make it a realistic and insightful resource.

This book is vital reading for adoptive families and professionals who work with them including social workers, counselors and psychologists.